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History of the Zeisloff House

Now located at Ontenaunee Park & Preserved by the Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society

The Zeisloff log cabin built sometime in the late 1740's 

The log cabin has a magnificent story to tell. From the massacre of several family members by ma-rauding Indians during the French and Indian War through 250 years of American history, it has also sat witness to 250 years of Lynn Township history.

The Move of The Zeisloff House

July 31, 2001 was a historic day in Lynn Township


The journey was witnessed by close to 200 interested onlookers of all ages.

The log home was transported by

V.H. Wolfe House Movers of Bethel,

Berks County and the

Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society 

Photos by: Irwin Hamm and Lenore Handwerk

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